The Ostentation of Authorship

Though now it seems that all is required for the author of a written work (e.g. novel or play) to be praised is to be the author.  This in itself gives this person merit and, for lack of a better word, ‘honor’ among the general public.  However, as has been discussed before in class, this is a relatively modern trend.  For a poet to reach the status of Chaucer, both during and after life, it took a whole team of scribes, illustrators, and patrons to appreciate his work and put in their own effort.  The reading gives us the example of Hollywood’s version of this collaboration; what other modern day titles are given fame through the effort of a team?  Or, alternatively, was it chance that earned Chaucer such devotion (why not his many other contemporaries?) or was there a specific aspect of his writing/persona?