The Táin: April 11th

While The Táin may not be written in verse, could this text be argued to almost like an Epic? Go in depth about whether is could be with specific evidence from the text.

One thought on “The Táin: April 11th

  1. The Irish epic The Tain shares qualities that align it with other epic poems. For instance, long list of characters, events that happen over wide stretches of space and time and repetition are qualities that are shared in long epic poetry. Early forms of epic poetry were performed orally. To assist with the memorization of these long tales repetition within the stories is a helpful tool used to help the bard recite the poem. Also the entire epic poem couldn’t be recited in one night and so it was separated into many short episodes that touch upon a continual story. For this reason The Tain and other epic poems take place over vast stretches of space and time.

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