Feburary 28: Gerald of Wales

In the beginning of the introduction Gerald is described to have reforming zeal. With this mindset he managed to get rid of sinful people out of higher positions, eventually holding a high position himself. Would you describe Gerald as being a true man of Christianity, holding up the ideals that others simply ignored? Why or why not?

One thought on “Feburary 28: Gerald of Wales

  1. I feel as though it is hard to distinguish the type of man Gerald is because from his writings, it is only really about Ireland and the animals and land there. But then, in the introduction, it discusses much of his Christianity and when asked if he had used any other sources in his topography, his gives credit to God, “he had relied solely the inspirations of God’s grace” (pg. 15). It is evident that Gerald was a virtuous man but we are not necessarily given any true evidence to who Gerald was except that he was greatly interested in nature and Ireland.

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