1/21 Question

Although Bisclavret’s wife betrayed him and leaves him as a werewolf in the woods, she keeps the clothes capable of turning him back. Why do you think this is? Is there underlying guilt or hope that one day she can turn him back? Or she did not want to risk him finding them? Since Bisclavret probably would’ve been able to find the clothes on his own if he would’ve looked, why do you think he accepted his fate in the woods so submissively?

1/19 Question

When Beowulf and his men arrive to battle the dragon, they face difficulty right off the bat. Beowulf’s army, with the exception of Wiglaf,  “did not take their stand in a troop around him, with warlike valor– they fled to the woods and saved their lives”. Are these men wrong for fleeing a situation they know they cannot win? Are they betraying Beowulf, or not because he normally handles such battles on his own? In some aspects, don’t they owe Beowulf for everything they have, therefore should they have left him?”