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Child in the body of a supposed-adult. Will work for fried rice. Napping is my true hobby.

April 14 : Gulliver’s Travels

Often, “Gulliver’s Travels” is referenced as a satire. How do you know this as the reader? Are there any characters or instances that suggest this? Does the language lend to the supposed-satirical nature of the book? If you disagree, why and what’s the evidence?

April 12th – Oroonoko

Oroonoko’s fate is grand and dramatic as a classic “tragedy” (think Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”). What’s different is that Imoinda and Oroonoko both die by someone else’s hand. Why did they both accept their fates while smiling? Do you believe Oroonoko’s fears on page 1139 were accurate? Why or why not?