CT=Canterbury Tales  TT=Agbabi, Telling Tales
BB=Holsinger, Burnable Book  hyperlink=electronic source


Week 8 Question Authority…. [Billy, Brian]
M 2-26 Project 1 due 
T 2-27 Wife of Bath’s Prologue [complete]
R 3-1 Dinshaw, “’Glose/bele chose’: The Wife of Bath and Her Glossators” [before you read Dinshaw’s chapter, read: a reading assistant for the essay]
Week 9 …Unless You Like It  [Laurel]
T 3-6 Wife of Bath’s Tale [complete]
Harris, “Rape and Justice in the Wife of Bath’s Tale
Agbabi, “What Do Women Like Bes’?: Mrs Alice Ebi Bafa” (TT)
R 3-8 What’s with those Rocks?
Franklin’s Tale [complete]
  Houlik-Ritchey, “Emotion, Feeling, Intensity, Pleasure, and the Franklin’s Tale
Agbabi, “Makar: Frankie Lynn” (TT)
Introduction: Close Reading and Interpretation (CT pp. 24-36)
Week 10 [Luke]
T 3-13 With Friends Like These
Pardoner’s Tale [complete]
  Zarins, “The Body and Its Politics in the Pardoner’s Tale
Agbabi, “Profit: Yves Depardon” (TT)
R 3-15 21st-Century Chaucer 
Holsinger, A Burnable Book (BB 1-144) memorization 2 due by 5pm
Spring Break
Week 11 [Regan, Brian]
T 3-27 Holsinger, A Burnable Book (BB 145-284)
 R 3-29 Holsinger, A Burnable Book (BB 285-end)
Class visit by Bruce Holsinger
Week 12 [Luke]
T 4-3 Chaucer Gets Anti-Semitic
(credit to “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”)
Prioress’s Tale [complete]
  Steiner, “The Prioress’s Tale: Relating to the Past, Imagining the Past, Using the Past”
Agbabi, “Sharps an Flats: Missy Eglantine” (TT)
R 4-5 Lavezzo, “The Minster and the Privy: Re-reading the Prioress’s Tale
F 4-6 Annotated Bib due
Week 13 Dream a Little Dream [Laurel]
T 4-10 Nun’s Priest [complete] Project 2 Proposal due 
Mueller, “The Nun’s Priest’s Tale: Entertainment versus Education”
Agbabi, “Animals!: Mozilla Firefox” (TT)
R 4-12 No class: professor at conference
Week 14 Endings
T 4-17 Manciple’s Tale [complete] Project 2 draft due
Seaman, “Feminism and Women’s Experience in the Manciple’s Tale
Agbabi, “The Crow: Scott Mansell” (TT)
R 4-19 conclusions and exam prep
course evaluation [please bring an appropriate device to do course evaluation, if you can]
we will also do the graduating senior exit survey
memorization 3 [office reading] due by Friday at 5 pm
Retraction [complete]
Agbabi, “Back Track (Grime Mix): Harry ‘Bells’ Bailey” (TT)
M  4-23 Project 2 due
R  4-26 12-3pm: Final Exam
Week 1
T 1-9 Introduction to Course
Middle English Exercise 1: Modern English/Middle English Comparison
R 1-11 Chaucer as Author 
Introduction: Chaucer’s Life and Times (CT 9-14)
Holsinger, “Chaucer’s Difficult Lives” 
Middle English Exercise 2: A Quick History of English
“Chaucer’s Words to Adam, His Own Scribe”
Week 2 Dreaming, Death, and Art [Keleigh]
T 1-16 Book of the Duchess, part 1 [ll. 1-721] Intro meetings begin
Middle English Exercise 3: Lexicon
R 1-18 Book of the Duchesspart 2 [ll. 721-1334]
Middle English Exercise 4: Grammar
Week 3 [Keleigh, Mary Boyd]
T 1-23 Lears, “Something from Nothing: Melancholy, Gossip, and Chaucer’s Poetics of Idling in the Book of the Duchess” 
Middle English Exercise 5: Pronunciation
R 1-25 Just How Sondry are These Folk?
Introduction: “The Construction of The Canterbury Tales” and “The Reception of Chaucer’s Poetry” (CT 14-17, 19-24)
General Prologue (CT)
“Prologue (Grime Mix): Harry ‘Bells’ Bailey” (TT)
F 1-26 Intro meetings completed by 5pm
Week 4 Who’s in Charge Here?  [Anna]
T 1-30 Knight’s Tale, parts 1-2 [ll. 859-1880]
R 2-1 Knight’s Tale, part 3 [ll. 1881-2482]
style handout
Week 5 [Regan]
T 2-6 Knight’s Tale, part 4 [ll. 2483-3108]
“Emily: Robert Knightley” (TT)
Boethius handout
  Orlemanski, “Suffering Bodies in the Knight’s Tale” 
R 2-8 Questioning Authority memorization 1 due by 3pm
Miller’s Tale [complete]
  Lavezzo, “Protest, Complaint, and Uprising in the Miller’s Tale” 
Agbabi, “The Kiss: Robyn Miller” (TT)
Week 6 [Anna]
T 2-13 Reeve’s Tale [complete] in-class presentation of Project 1 plans 
  Rhodes, “Wages, Work, Wealth, and Economic Inequality in the Reeve’s Tale
Agbabi, “Tit for Tat: Ozymandia Reeves” (TT)
R 2-15 Midterm exam midterm exam in class
Week 7 Not all who wander are lost [Mary Boyd]
T 2-20 Man of Law’s Tale [ll. 1-602]
R 2-22 Man of Law’s Tale [ll. 603-end of page 143]
Whitaker, “Race and Racism in the Man of Law’s Tale
Agbabi, “Joined-Up Writing: Memory Anesu Sergeant” (TT)