March 29 A Burnable Book

Holsinger needs to change some things about history, such as a book of prophecy and a murder plot, to make his novel work. Knowing what you know about history, do you feel that Holsinger works with history well enough to create a good book while remaining historically accurate?

Burnable Book March 27

So far in the novel, we have learned a bit more about Chaucer’s character in A Burnable Book. Knowing what we know about his life, do you think this is an accurate picture of Chaucer? Do you think it falls short? Is it true? Explain.

Mar. 13th: The Pardoner

What can be interpreted from the Pardoner’s ability to tell an effective moral tale while himself being guilty of the sins he condemns? How do you believe we are supposed to interpret the Pardoner’s offer (904) of salvation in return for money or precious items?

Mar 8: Franklin’s Tale

There are recurring themes in the Franklin’s Tale involving pledges, promises, freedom and submission. Most of the characters are bound to each other in some capacity. Compare and contrast a relationship between characters who seem to engage with one or more of these themes. In what ways do they show this?

March 6th : Wife of Bath

In class, we often discuss how each character’s prologue influences their tale, or position it as a reflection of their beliefs. How is the Wife of Bath’s Tale related (or unrelated) to her ideas about the perfect marriage or just marriage in general?

Feb. 26 The Wife of Bath’s Prologue

The wife admits that many great Fathers of the Church have proclaimed the importance of virginity, such as the Apostle Paul. But, she reasons, even if virginity is important, someone must be procreating so that virgins can be created. Leave virginity to the perfect, she says, and let the rest of us use our gifts as best we may. How would the audience of the time think of this statement compared to a more contemporary response?