March 27 A Burnable book

At this point in the story, what might be some potential outcomes for the ending of this novel? Does the king’s prophecy seem to be certain at this point or will the right person/people find a way to change it?

2 thoughts on “March 27 A Burnable book

  1. At this point in the novel, the emphasis seems to be on the individual characters’ motives, rather than an emphasis on saving the king. All are concerned with the consequences of treason through their connection with the book but none seem to be overly concerned with the King’s well being aside from what that might mean for England’s political scene.

  2. It would seem that the only people even vaguely concerned with the king are our maudlyns. All of our various political figures care more about the aftermath of the assassination regardless of the actual outcome of the assassination. Everyone is worried more so about whether they will be implicated in the conspiracy or whether the correct people are implicated in the conspiracy – Chaucer and John included.

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