Society Member Leads New AIA Interest Group

Members of the South Carolina Chapter took the lead in early 2012 to develop the newest interest group for the Archaeological Institute of America.  The Geospatial Interest Group was approved by the AIA Governing Board in January and boasts members from Hawaii to Athens, Greece.  James Newhard, local society Vice President, chairs the group.

The Geospatial Interest Group fosters communication and collaboration in the area of geospatial applications in archaeology, which includes such areas as 3D visualizations, geographic information systems, virtual and augmented reality, and satellite imagery processing.   They communicate via an internal listserv and externally via a blog.

Membership is open to any active member of the AIA, regardles of local society affiliation.  Contact Jim Newhard for information.

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2 Responses to Society Member Leads New AIA Interest Group

  1. Brian E Davies says:

    In England (Bradford University, West Yorkshire) I was the professor of environmental science specialising in soil geochemistry. For several years I collaborated with the Dept of Archaeological Sciences on a project using soil geochemistry in prospection in Greece.
    (Bintliff, John, Davies, B., Gaffney, C., Snodgrass, A. and Waters, A. 1992. Trace metal accumulations in soils on and around ancient settlements in Greece. (in) “Geoprospection in the Archaeological Landscape”; edited by P. Spoerry, Oxbow Monograph 18, pp 9 – 24. Oxbow Books, Oxford, England. ISBN 0-946897-42-5).
    Now retired and living in Mt Pleasant I should like to hear more about this interest group.
    Brian Davies

  2. James Newhard says:

    The Geospatial Interest Group is open to all members of the Archaeological Institute of America. We are just getting ourselves together, but it is our hopes that this serves as a gathering point for AIA members with this interest/expertise, to increase the profile of geospatial approaches, and to serve as a means to interface with other professional organizations.

    If you’re a member of the AIA and are interested in joining, feel free to send me an email at


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