Accounting Professor Discusses Challenges of an Underfunded IRS

William VanDenburgh
William VanDenburgh

William VanDenburgh

William VanDenburgh, Ph.D., associate professor of accounting, spoke on Tax Notes – a news, analysis, and commentary publication for tax professionals – about his recent article, “Pragmatic Realities of an Underfunded IRS,” co-written by Philip Harmelink and Joshua Foster.

VanDenburgh and Harmelink spoke with host Robert Goulder about the challenges brought on by underfunding the IRS and the spending possibilities for the recent $80 billion of additional funding in the Inflation Reduction Act.

“Increased enforcement is going to pay off. Historically it has,” shared VanDenburgh.

Watch the full interview below.

Accounting Students Earn First Place for Spring Tax Bowl

Spring 2022 Accounting 341 Tax Bowl Winners
Spring 2022 Accounting 341 Tax Bowl Winners

Left to right: Vinicius Lopes, Chloe Collister and Wyatt Davis

Nothing says “end of the semester” quite like the Tax Bowl competition in Professor Paige Bressler‘s accounting 341, Federal Taxation course.

Held every fall and spring, students form groups of three and then compete against each other in five rounds until one team emerges as the winner. In each match, two teams face off against each other. The team that correctly answers the tax-related question first is the winner of the match. Once a team loses a round, they are eliminated from the contest.

The Tax Bowl allows students to collaborate with classmates to form connections between course concepts and real-world applications.

Reigning supreme out of seven teams and 20 students, the Spring 2022 winners were Vinicius Lopes, Chloe Collister and Wyatt Davis.

Students Put Knowledge to the Test for Fall Tax Bowl

Brendan Webb, Elizabeth Hernandez and Megan Hall

Students trade in their textbooks and lecture notes for some good old-fashioned competition once every semester in Professor Paige Bressler’s ACCT 341 federal taxation accounting course during the Tax Bowl contest.

Instead of learning about itemized deductions and gross income inclusions, students put their knowledge to the test by forming teams of three and competing against one another in five rounds until one group emerges as the winner.

In each match, two teams face off against each other. The team that correctly answers the tax-related question first is the winner of the match. Once a team loses a round, they are eliminated.

This year, Brendan Webb, Elizabeth Hernandez and Megan Hall walked away with coveted Tax Bowl trophies besting nine other teams.

Congratulations to this semester’s winners!

Professor Robert Hogan Discusses Growing Job Opportunities in Accounting

Professor Robert Hogan, chair of the School of Business Accounting and Business Law department, recently discussed the growing job opportunities in accounting for college students with Charleston Regional Business Journal.

Read the full article, Accounting attracts talent with early internships, job commitments, on Charleston Regional Business Journal.


Accounting and Dance Major Counts Both Numbers and Beats

Double majoring in accounting and dance isn’t usual, but that’s the business school way. Many of our students complement their business education with coursework in the arts. The ability to study both accounting and dance is what drew Maggie Howe ‘21 to the College.

Watch below as Maggie attends her business and dance courses, enjoys Charleston’s beaches, attends site visits as a part of the Schottland Scholars program and more.

“You never know where the campus ends, and the city begins,” shares the Honors College student.

Accounting Students Make Finals in AICPA’s ThisWayToCPA Video Contest

Mikaela Fodor


Two accounting majors are telling the world their plans to become ready to work after graduation — and it includes earning the coveted designation as a certified public accountant (CPA). Mikaela Fodor ’20 and Kelsey Patrick ’20 are three finalists representing the College of Charleston School of Business in the ThisWayToCPA Student Video Competition sponsored by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

In videos less than two minutes long, the seniors took to webcams to share with viewers why they want to become a CPA after graduating. Earning a CPA license is a well-respected career accomplishment in the field of accounting and provides many professional benefits. According to AICPA, CPAs earn up to 15% higher salaries than their non-licensed peers.

The public voting period begins Friday, Nov. 1, 2019 at 3 p.m. EST and will end on Friday, Nov. 15, 2019 at 2:59 p.m. EST. After public voting, a panel of judges will evaluate each video for content quality. Their scores, along with the public voting results, will determine which five students will win a $500 cash prize.

Click here to vote. View Fodor’s and Patrick’s video submissions below.

Mikaela FodorMikaela Fodor

Kelsey PatrickKelsey Patrick