Natalia Mattar

Natalia Mattar is a finance major and economics minor who turned her internship with Tandem Investment Advisors as a research analyst into a full-time investment management position. She will have many responsibilities but will mainly be researching stocks to add to the company’s portfolio.

Mattar sculpted this opportunity for herself by demonstrating her commitment and expertise during her internship, while also making strong professional connections. Her hard work and dedication were noticed by her peers and superiors, so it’s no surprise they wanted her full-time. She first got on Tandem Investment Advisors’ radar when she cold emailed them about an internship position, which speaks to her boldness and unwavering motivation. The portfolio management company recognized her ability to create and seize opportunities for herself, which is a very valuable trait in investing. After working with Mattar and seeing her capabilities in action, she became irresistible to the firm.

“I have a really strong work ethic, and I wanted to show them how hard I’m willing to work and how interested I am in what they do,” shares Mattar. “That resulted in really great results with the work I did and led to me getting an offer.”

Mattar shared her best advice for students looking to turn an internship into a full-time role.

Don’t grin and bear it, pursue something that actually interests you

To be happy within your profession, Mattar recommends that students find majors that speak to their interests. Before coming to Charleston, Mattar was on a Pre-Med track at a different university and realized it wasn’t what she wanted to pursue. Instead of ‘sticking out’ an undesired major, she followed her passions and has emphasized that to be a very rewarding decision.

That choice led to a wonderful job, as well as meeting people with similar interests and aspirations.

Get comfortable with interviews

Prior to Tandem, Mattar admits she wasn’t great at them. However, companies need employees that have strong interpersonal skills, and an interview is how they determine that.

“Through practice and realizing that it’s just another conversation with someone, they become much easier” she says. “A lot of it is showing your work ethic, showing that you are interested in the company, what they do, and what you can bring to the table.”

Become a self-starter

Once you’ve landed the role, whether it be an internship for full-time position, take the initiative and create your own momentum in the workplace. Having the determination to apply yourself paired with the capacity to keep learning is the best way to excel in your field.

“We should continuously allow ourselves to keep absorbing information, especially as young professionals starting out since workplace experience can be more lucrative than classroom learning,” says Mattar.

Cultivate positive relationships with colleagues

Mattar believes co-workers should be people you can have relaxed conversations about shared interests with, either work related or not. A huge part of being content with your job is the people you are surrounded by every day.

“The Tandem team is amazing and helps me broaden my knowledge within finance,” she shares.

Maintain a good work-life balance

Going from being a college student to a full-time employee in the workforce takes some adjustment. According to Mattar, hobbies and making time for yourself can actually improve your focus and productivity on the clock.

With hopes of a CFA on the horizon, this bright young professional is setting the curve, and will continue to establish herself with Tandem Investment Advisors after graduating this spring!