Maddie Pillori, Sydney Fry, and Trotter Harlan

Students left their textbooks and lecture notes at home as they prepared to compete in the Fall 2022 Tax Bowl competition in Professor Paige Bressler‘s Accounting 341, Federal Taxation course.

Held every fall and spring, students form groups of three and compete against each other in five rounds until one team emerges as the winner. In each match, two teams face off against each other. The team that correctly answers the tax-related question first is the winner of the match. Once a team loses a round, they are eliminated from the contest.

The Tax Bowl allows students to collaborate with classmates to form connections between course concepts and real-world applications.

Rising to the top out of seven teams and 20 students, the Fall 2022 winners were Maddie Pillori, Sydney Fry, and Trotter Harlan.

Congratulations to this semester’s winners!