Anita Zucker, CEO of the InterTech Group

Anita Zucker speaking in Prof. Carrie Messal’s MGMT 345 class

Our proximity to the business community brings an outstanding caliber of guest speakers to our classrooms on any given day.  

Anita Zucker, CEO of The InterTech Group and philanthropist, recently stopped by Professor Carrie Messal’s MGMT 345 Leadership class to speak about her story and vision.  

Zucker is the CEO of The InterTech Group, former chair of The Hudson’s Bay Company, and a philanthropist. Alongside her late husband, Mr. Jerry Zucker, they grew their holdings company into a million-dollar corporation by creating several patents and acquiring stocks. 

Outside of running a major company, Zucker serves tirelessly to address the needs in early childhood education, women’s health, and community growth and development, specifically in the North Charleston region. She frequents the campus and is always thrilled when the opportunity to speak to students arises. Her visit involved pouring into the students and sharing “Mr. and Mrs. Z’s Keys to Success.”  

A longtime supporter of the College of Charleston School of Business, Zucker has served on the School of Business Board of Governors since 1997.