Daniel Crumpler

Daniel Crumpler ’17

If you had told Daniel Crumpler in 2017 that he would soon have a career on Capitol Hill, he probably would not have believed you.

After graduating from the College of Charleston with degrees in business administration and hospitality/tourism management, Crumpler thought he had made up his mind on what he wanted to do after he walked across the Cistern.

“My original plan for post-graduation was to stay in Charleston, and work in either a restaurant or hotel, where I could expand my knowledge in the hospitality industry,” said Crumpler. “The goal was ultimately to see if this was the career path I wanted to go down and to gain real-world experience working in the field itself.”

Having spent his senior internship working in the kitchen of High Cotton restaurant in Charleston, Crumpler accepted a position as a culinary management intern at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. For two years he worked extensive hours in multiple different roles and helped the hotel, “achieve the Forbes Five Star Award, and excel in the “never settle” mentality.”

Eventually, the long hours and weekend shifts inspired Crumpler to think about what other career options would possibly interest him. Extensive searching led him to an unpaid internship in the office of Representative Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, which opened the door for him to jump into the world of politics.

He was soon offered the position of administrative and events coordinator for the Conservative Partnership Institute (CPI), where he soaked in all of the resources around him.

“Because of this job, I was able to connect and network with a number of people in the movement on and off of Capitol Hill,” says Crumpler. In January of 2020, he was able to start working in the United States Senate as a scheduling assistant for Senator Jerry Moran of Kansas.

A bit unconventional, Crumpler applauds his hospitality education background in helping him forge his new career path in politics.

“The hospitality industry is about working together as a team to achieve the same goal. I find that apparent and alive in my current work setting,” he explains. “We are working to express the views of Senator Moran and the constituents of Kansas, and this cannot be done alone.” He added, “My current role focuses on office management and operations, so the need to be organized and prepared also falls under the category of what I learned in my past experience with the hospitality industry.”

Daniel Crumpler


As for how his experience at CofC helped him prepare for the business world, Crumpler gives credit to many professors and events held by the College for students still formulating their post-graduation plans.

“When I was trying to figure out my post-graduation career plans, CofC hosted multiple world-renowned hotel companies in the business school,” noted Crumpler. “CofC does a wonderful job of putting these events into the forefront so that students have the ability to search the job market and find a job that suits them well for starting their career.”

As he looks to the future, Crumpler offers some reflection and advice to students approaching graduation.

“Never settle. Do not accept a job just because it is a job. From my experiences, it is key to enjoy where you work and who you work with,” he notes. “Does the company or organization represent your values? Do not jump into a position haphazardly. I would recommend waiting until you find the right position, the right company for you.”