School of Business (SB): What got you started with the Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) program at the College of Charleston? 

Michael Johnson (MJ): The BPS Program came at a perfect time. I had just finished my associate’s degree at Horry Tech, and I was looking to increase my professional capacity. And that’s what drew my eye to BPS at the College of Charleston, because it was comparable to my schedule and working as a professional as well. 

SB: What has it been like taking online classes? 

MJ: Well, the BPS Program being fully online was what allowed me to be able to take [classes] in Charleston while living in Myrtle Beach. For those who are really motivated and want to increase their professional capacity, I think online is the way to go because we have other responsibilities and I think it’s perfect for adult learners who want to increase their professional capacity through online learning. 

SB: Were you able to get acquainted with the technology and become familiar with the learning system?

MJ: It was very familiar and the instructors did a phenomenal job. College of Charleston provided us with the Windows 365 operating system and it was really a seamless process because we were also able to link into LinkedIn Learning through our student account so each department came together in a collaboration. 

SB: Do you think it’s a benefit to have a business component to the BPS program?  

MJ: Definitely having experts that have a capacity in those industries, particularly professionals that are abreast with the ever-changing standards and the proficiencies that it takes in whatever particular industry. I think that was a key; having professors that were ahead of the curve and very aware of what was coming. 

SB: What were your professors like? Do you feel like they brought real-world experience to the program?

MJ: I found that some instructors were ahead of the curve and that’s what made the transition to online learning easier. Part of one of the core competencies of the program is to be able to adapt to an ever-changing environment. I think that was a key benefit of the BPS program.  

SB: What were some of the tangible skills that you feel you got out of the program? 

MJ: I learned how to be more discerning as a professional, someone that has the capacity to recognize things that others may not be able to. What it taught me was the collaboration process – knowing when to act with outside stakeholders and inside stakeholders, just being able to communicate with all these different moving environments, to not only be communicating, but communicating accurately. I feel my confidence is so much higher because of the BPS program.  

SB: Any final words you want to say or anything about the BPS program? 

MJ: For those who are hesitant this is the perfect program to increase your capacity. You develop a greater awareness of how to deal with things professionally. I believe the future will be team-oriented and you have to be able to collaborate with both not only your employer on the inside of the organization but you have to be able to collaborate with people outside your organization.