Our diverse and esteemed School of Business Board of Governors have decades of leadership experience in various industries, including real estate, automotive, finance, fabrics, food and beverage, defense and many other trades. This week, two Board Members added banking and cargo to the list.

Tommy Baker, owner and president of Baker Motor Company, has formed a new company to launch a local bank — the first to the Charleston area in over a decade. He has been working on the enterprise, named Beacon Community Bank, since 2016 and has partnered with some of the city’s biggest names in business to get it off of the ground.

The list includes banking executive Brooks Melton, who will serve as Beacon’s CEO; former Southcoast senior executives Clay Heslop and Craig Johnson, who will serve as CFO and COO, respectively. Baker even tapped his Board network for support, enlisting retired CEO of BE&K Building Group, Luther Cochrane; president and CEO of Litton Entertainment, David “Buddy” Morgan; and president of The Steadman Agency, Inc., Paul Steadman to serve as directors.

Gary DiCamillo was recently named CEO of Universal Trailer Corporation (UTC) — the nation’s largest specialty trailer company — where he has served on the board of directors for the past six years. Prior to joining the board, he was engaged to assist UTC with an operational and financial turnaround. Thanks to DiCamillo’s leadership and guidance, those efforts were a huge success.

His previous positions include president and CEO of Advantage Resourcing, chairman and CEO of Polaroid Corporation and president of Worldwide Power Tools and Accessories at Black & Decker Corporation.