When the School of Business Center for Public Choice and Market Process began planning a series of events to raise awareness of and explore important topics in economics it was only fitting that the week be named after the most influential figure in the field: Adam Smith. Born in 1723, Smith’s theories on how nations build wealth are still taught in classrooms around the world today.

Now in its sixth year, Adam Smith Week invites leading scholars from around the country to share their insights on political economy, entrepreneurship, the role of government and other hot-button issues with business school students, faculty and the Charleston community.

This year’s participants include individuals from the University of Virginia, George Mason University, Chapman University, the Citadel, and the Independent Institute.

The weeklong series — held March 20-25, 2017 — will feature lectures, panels and a video screening on topics such as morality and the free market, the implications of religious and racial immigration bans and community revival in the wake of economic disaster.

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