Carter Real Estate Center Hosts ARGUS Webinar at College of Charleston School of Business

Business students and real estate professionals joined together for a webinar on the new ARGUS Enterprise Software™ at the College of Charleston School of Business. The webinar, hosted by the Carter Real Estate Center, was conducted by ARGUS-certified instructor Bob Rajewski who called in from Washington, D.C. on Friday, November 13.


Students joined industry professionals for a three-hour webinar on ARGUS Enterprise Software™.

The three-hour workshop served as an introduction to ARGUS Enterprise (AE), a comprehensive asset and portfolio management system, which has become the industry standard in commercial real estate investment analysis and is used to project cash flow for office, industrial and retail properties.

Rajewski shared with students the fundamental use of AE within the real estate industry, while explaining the value of the software academically. Rajewski is a seasoned commercial real estate professional and professor of real estate at Johns Hopkins University.

ArgusFactSheet.qxdSchool of Business students have access to the ARGUS Software™ thanks to its licensing commitment to the College that allows up to 50 students to use the recently released AE software package during the 2015-2016 school year. Valued at over $1,147,500, this software is currently being used by both large and small real estate companies, particularly for large commercial real estate properties and investment portfolios.

“We are so pleased to be able to offer our students these types of opportunities that give them practical knowledge and a unique skillset. Having them learn from a seasoned real estate professional – alongside seasoned real estate professionals – allows for a more industry-relevant dialogue that is extremely beneficial to the students,” said Elaine Worzala, professor of real estate and executive director of the Carter Real Estate Center. “Being able to use ARGUS and apply it knowledgeably in today’s real estate industry improves our students’ job marketability.”

While the Carter Real Estate Center has hosted in-person ARGUS training workshops, this webinar is the first of its kind offered at the School of Business. The on-line setting allows for more flexibility and greater access to highly qualified ARGUS-certified instructors throughout the nation.

The Carter Real Estate Center brings together students, faculty, and industry leaders including alumni to develop further understanding of real estate knowledge, skills, and trends in the local industry and in targeted regions around the world.  The CREC builds relationships with the business community to support our students’ professional development while providing brokers, developers, investors, property owners, and other employers with talented, ready-to-work graduates.

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