School of Business’ Initiative for Public Choice and Market Process Named a Center

The College of Charleston School of Business’ Initiative for Public Choice and Market Process has received approval by the College of Charleston’s president and provost to be recognized as a Center of Excellence, effective August 10, 2015. The Center for Public Choice and Market Process (CPM) was founded as the Initiative for Public Choice and Market Process in 2008 to advance understanding of the economic, political, and moral foundations of a free society.

“Congratulations to Peter Calcagno and his students who have worked diligently on building the recognition of the Initiative for Public Choice and Market Process – now a Center,” said Alan T. Shao, dean of the School of Business at the College of Charleston.  “Being named a ‘Center of Excellence’ is a coveted recognition on our campus, and it is a testament to the quality and commitment of Dr. Calcagno’s work for his students and supporters of his program.”

Peter Calcagno“The Center designation provides our program higher visibility to the campus community and to the public in the Charleston region,” said Peter Calcagno, professor of economics and CPM director.

Over the last seven years, the Initiative hosted approximately 20 events per year with more than 1,000 participants annually, including the BB&T Free Market Speaker Series and Adam Smith Week. These events bring to campus prominent business leaders, academics and journalists, and draw a lot of interest among students. The annual Adam Smith Week helps create awareness and explores important topics in political economy by engaging students, faculty, and the community in the discussion of Adam Smith and his economic philosophy.

“I am proud to support the great work done by Dr. Calcagno and pleased to see the well-earned recognition of the important contributions the Initiative has made advancing the principles of a free society,” said John Cerasuolo, president and CEO of ADS Security.

Since the Initiative’s inception, 25 faculty research projects across campus have been funded, which has led to over a dozen publications, working papers and conference presentations. In addition, nearly two hundred students have been involved in discussions of important books in economics through the Economics Book Colloquium, and two student interns have been hired each year.

“It is essential to our future well-being that students and the greater community understand the philosophic and economic principles that are the foundation for a free and prosperous society,” said John A. Allison, retired president and CEO of BB&T. “This is the critically important work of the Center.”

The CPM will continue the Initiative’s mission by building on established programs, as well as expanding on new programming by engaging College of Charleston students and faculty as well as the larger Charleston community in important discussions on timely topics related to free society, markets, and the role of government. The creation of the CPM will help expand the program in several significant ways:

  • The Market Scholars Program, which recognizes and develops talented College of Charleston students. Starting in fall 2015, six Market Scholars will see more engagement in organization of Center’s events and programs. Market Scholars will get rich experiences by getting more involved in Center’s events through face-to-face interactions with business and non-profit leaders and scholars, annual field trips, participation in conferences, and mentorship programs.
  • The CPM will establish an advisory board, which will be composed of academic and business leaders committed to advancing the ideas of a free society.
  • The CPM will engage students at the College of Charleston in its day-to-day operations through several internship programs helping to make students “ready to work.” Student interns will be responsible for marketing and communications, event planning and coordination. They will also attend public talks, lectures, and other events to learn about the CPM’s mission to advance understanding of a free society.


About the Center for Public Choice & Market Process
The Center for Public Choice & Market Process was created in 2015 following the growth in programming of the Initiative for Public Choice and Market Process, which was founded in the fall of 2008. The Center advances the understanding of the economic, political and moral foundations of a free market society. The Center supports the growth and development of teaching and research at the College of Charleston School of Business while engaging students and the Charleston community. Visit the Center’s website or Facebook page, or contact Peter Calcagno, Center director, at or 843-953-4279 to learn more about events, programs, and funding opportunities.

About the School of Business

College of Charleston’s School of Business has 2,300 students enrolled in ready-to-work programs including eight undergraduate majors, an Honors Program in Business, several interdisciplinary minors, and two master’s programs in business and accountancy. The School of Business is recognized among the top 30 colleges for studying business abroad by the Business Research Guide. The faculty’s scholarly research expertise is steeped in areas such as supply chain management, cross-cultural marketing, executive leadership, hospitality and tourism, political economics, financial investment, bankruptcy, entrepreneurship, commercial real estate, and consumer research. Visit to learn more about our students’ achievements, undergraduate and graduate programs, faculty, and Centers of Excellence.


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