Bing Pan Wins Charleston CVB Golden Pineapple Award

Dr. Bing Pan, associate professor of hospitality and tourism management and head

L-R: Roger Warren, president of Kiawah Island Golf Resort, presenting Dr. Bing Pan with Golden Pineapple Award. Courtesy of Robbin Knight Photography.

of research in the Office of Tourism Analysis at the College of Charleston School of Business, was honored with a 2012 Golden Pineapple Award from the Charleston Area Convention and Visitors Bureau (CACVB) for his research efforts to support Charleston’s tourism market.  The Golden Pineapple Award recognizes individuals who promote the development of tourism in Charleston, the area’s most prominent industry.  Dr. Pan was selected for his “insightful research and measurable data that identifies appropriate target audiences for the CACVB’s marketing initiatives.”

The awards were presented at the Travel Council Annual Meeting on Tuesday, June 12, 2012.

“Our amazing research literally helped us land Southwest Airlines, proving we could fill those 175,000 new seats,” says Helen Hill, executive director of CACVB, in recognition of Pan and his team’s research efforts. “Our winner and his team have truly given us the edge with strategic analysis and that has helped your Bureau staff sell the authentic Charleston experience to the right target audience.”

Perrin Lawson, deputy director of CACVB, also praised Dr. Pan and his team’s accomplishments, citing two significant occurrences that have had a positive impact on the CACVB: the establishment of the College of Charleston School of Business’ Office of Tourism Analysis, and the subsequent selection of Dr. Pan to lead that office.  

Eight members of the local hospitality industry were honored with Dr. Pan last evening.

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