Wall of Honor Recognizes Highest Standard of Philanthropy and Service

1770 designates year College was founded. 1986 is the year the School of Business was established.

By Dean Shao
We held our inaugural induction onto the Wall of Honor for three families – Tommy & Victoria Baker, Guy & Betty Beatty, and George & Dorie Spaulding – who have long exemplified philanthropy and service leadership in the School of Business.  It was an incredible evening that celebrated their long-standing contributions, an event that was well-deserving and long overdue.  In fact, even President Benson acknowledged it as “one of the best events that I’ve attended as president of the College.” See the highlights of the evening in this video.

These three families are a part of the DNA of the School.  They are woven into so many aspects of student life, scholarship, academic enrichment and classroom learning.  Over 160 family members, alumni, faculty, campus leaders, and business community leaders attended to celebrate these honoree families’ “transformational and lasting impact on the School of Business.”
See the highlights of the evening in this video.

If you are on campus, please stop by the Beatty Center and see the 20 ft. Wall of Honor,  prominently displayed in our Atrium.  Its high-end design complements the modern atrium and reflects the progression of an undergraduate business student passing through the Cistern gates, becoming entrenched in campus life, learning face-to-face in a dynamic environment and graduating into the global business community.
The Executive Committee of the Board of Governors nominates and approves candidates for the Wall of Honor and does so on an ongoing, as needed basis. 
While the family names on the Wall of Honor represent our highest standard for service leadership, I want our alumni, parents, Board members and friends to know that collectively, you all make an impact on our students and faculty.  And for that, I’m especially grateful.  Thank you for all that you do to help build the reputation of the School of Business as a premier, global learning environment for our undergraduate and graduate students.

L-R: P. George Benson, President of the College, Alan T. Shao, dean of the School of Business, Tommy and Victoria Baker, Tom Livingston, professor emeritus, School of Business








L-R: Alan T. Shao, dean of the School of Business, Guy and Betty Beatty, P. George Benson, president of the College









L-R: P. George Benson, president of the College, Alan T. Shao, dean of the School of Business, Dorie and George Spaulding, Howard Rudd, dean emeritus and professor of management


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