Leadership Changes Focus Resources on Student Achievement and Program Excellence

Alan T. Shao, Ph.D., and dean of the College of Charleston School of Business, recently announced key appointments to focus resources on building high quality programs and advancing student achievement.  

Dean Shao named Jocelyn Evans, Ph.D., as associate dean of undergraduate programs.  She replaces Kent Gourdin, Ph.D., director of Global Logistics and Transportation, who will focus his expertise on expanding that program.  In addition, Dean Shao appoints Marcia Snyder as assistant dean of student learning.  These appointments will take affect on July 1, 2011. 

Dr. Jocelyn Evans, associate dean of undergraduate studies

Dr. Evans is a professor of finance and served for two years as the chair of the Department of Economics and Finance.  As associate dean, her primary responsibility will be to manage undergraduate programs as well as oversee daily operations of the School. 

“Jocelyn leads by example and always puts student performance as her top priority,” says Dean Shao.  “As the School of Business works towards putting key programs and internal processes in place that will help us achieve our vision, I have confidence that Jocelyn will help build operational excellence within the School.” 

Dr. Evans teaches undergraduate and MBA courses including business finance, microfinance, valuation and financial feasibility analysis.  In March 2011, she led a team of 22 socially minded students on a micro-finance learning trip to a remote coffee-growing village in Honduras.  The trip was part of a growing trend to support under-resourced businesses in developing countries and frontier markets and improve the welfare of citizens by giving financial resources and sharing business practices.  Dr. Evans’s research expertise spans from corporate governance, financial distress and bankruptcy to banking and compensation.  She serves as a visiting researcher at the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta and as an advisor for KPMG’s minority student Ph.D. candidates.  In 2008, the School of Business awarded her the Distinguished Research Award. 

Dr. Kent Gourdin, director of global logistics and transportation

“The Global Logistics and Transportation Program plays a strategic role in our long-term growth and the economic and professional development impact that we make in Charleston and beyond,” says Dean Shao.  “We recently signed an agreement with Michelin to provide online logistics training and are strengthening relationships with BMW, Boeing, and the Port.  Kent has the passion to lead the School’s efforts to bridge the learning environment with the business community to make our logistics program best-in-class.” 

Dr. Gourdin holds the Henry Tecklenberg Chair in Intermodal Transportation. His previous roles include chair of the Department of the Management and Marketing, Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management and interim chair of the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management.  He served as the associate dean for undergraduate programs beginning in March 2009 when Dean Shao first came to the School of Business. Prior to coming to Charleston, Dr. Gourdin spent 11 years at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and completed a 20-year career in the United States Air Force as a transportation officer. He has published extensively on international transportation and logistics management. In addition, he is the author of Global Logistics Management, a textbook published by Blackwell Publishers.

“As assistant dean, Marcia will be responsible for continuous improvement and accreditation standards with specific focus on student achievement.  She will lead the Student Success Center and help drive new processes and standards for student learning and achievement,” says Dean Shao. 

Marcia Snyder, assistant dean of student learning

Snyder served as the director of accreditation and academic data management for the School of Business and led the AACSB reaccreditation efforts in 2009-2010.  She is a senior instructor for the Department of Economics and Finance.  Previously, she was a research associate in the School’s Office of Economic Analysis and a corporate manager with BP. 

About the School of Business
The School of Business offers an honors program in business, five undergraduate core majors, an M.S. in Accountancy and an MBA.  Approximately 1600 undergraduate and graduate students attend, some from as far away as China, Germany and Brazil. The faculty has research expertise in areas such as global logistics, hospitality and tourism, political economics, financial investment, bankruptcy, marketing research, and sustainable business practices. Visit http://sb.cofc.edu/ to learn more about our undergraduate and graduate programs, faculty, Centers of Excellence and Board of Governors.

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