Dr. Josh Davis Covers IT Architectures for Global Firms

Dr. Josh Davis, Assistant Professor of Decision Sciences and MIS

Josh Davis, Ph.D., and assistant professorof decision sciences and MIS in the School of Business, recently published “Designing Enterprise IT Architectures to Optimize Flexibility and Standardization in Global Business” in the MIS Quarterly Executive, June 2010.

The paper, published in the top executive-oriented research journal for management information systems, provides a long-range, high-level view of strategic IT architecture investment decisions for firms with global operations.   The research team includes Dr. Davis and his colleagues, Dr. William J. Kettinger of the University of Memphis and Dr. Donald A. Marchand of IMD (Switzerland).

They present a framework in which a different dominant IT architecture aligns best with each of four well-known global management models originally presented by Bartlett and Ghoshal: multinational, international, transnational, and global. Building on their collective experiences, empirical data, and published reports on global firms headquartered on different continents, they used case examples to highlight the IT decisions made for enterprise systems and other IT infrastructure capabilities.

Download complete paper – Davis – MISQE Published Paper.

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