Fulbright Scholar Teaches for Hospitality & Tourism Management Department

Dr. Zehrer

Dr. Anita Zehrer is visiting the Department of Hospitality & Tourism Management from MCI Management Center in Innsbruck, Austria.  As the youngest Fulbright Scholar ever from Austria, Dr. Zehrer sees it as a significant honor for her and the University of Innsbruck.

Dr. John Crotts, HTM professor, invited her to teach “Current Issues in Tourism – the European Alps versus North America.”  Students in Dr. Zehrer’s class are studying the mountain destinations of each region and choosing to research one of five topics: sustainability, entrepreneurship, services management, destination management and crisis management.

Commenting on her experience so far, Dr. Zehrer says, “Students here are very communicative.  They ask a lot of questions and show great interest in the topics.  I also appreciate the fact that they prepare for class, unlike students in Austria, who are accustomed to different teaching methods.  Students here are very respectful which I value greatly.”

In addition to her teaching, she collaborated with Dr. Crotts on “The Perceived Usefulness of Blog Postings: An Extension of the Expectancy Disconfirmation Paradigm” slated for publishing in Tourism Management, February 2010.


As a tourist, she enjoys Charleston, the sites and the people.  “I am especially grateful to the HTM department for treating me so kindly and making me part of the team,” says Dr. Zehrer.  “I felt at home after just a couple of days thanks to my colleagues here.”

Dr. Zehrer earned her doctorate in social and economic sciences at the Department of General and Tourism Management at the University of Innsbruck, Austria.

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