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Bubble Trouble

Earlier this week, two things caught my attention. The first is the 2024 EAB State of the Sector report – as we know, we have challenges. There’s a YouTube presentation, Reckoning with Relevance: 2024 Higher Ed State of the Sector, as well. Then, Patrick Lencioni’s, At the Table Podcast, had a conversation about “bubble trouble.” That’s when an organization operates within a bubble, doesn’t really understand its customers, and becomes isolated. They often create their own jargon, etc. Usually, when applied to academia, they say in their “ivory tower.”

I asked myself, “How are we doing compared to these two insightful pieces”? Then I had to wait to have a meeting in the Boardroom. Another group was using it and when the doors opened, people just seemed to keep streaming out. It was like one of those silly clown cars we saw as kids. It seemed like more people were in the room than the room held. It turns out that it was a faculty collaboration on how we utilize speakers in our classes. They want to learn more from each other and leverage the great speakers that come to our School. Impressive.

This reminded me of the many things you do and gave me great confidence that we are successfully addressing the issues in the EAB report and that we are making sure we actively work to minimize our bubbles.

Thanks to YOU, we have a lot of good things happening, and we have a solid story to tell. The end of the semester is always crazy. I look forward to having a bit more time in the coming weeks so I can share more of what I see in our future. It’s a bright future, and it will be fun to build it with you…and won’t include bubbles.

YOU make a difference!

Bonus: AACSB just posted – Adapting the Curriculum for the Future of Business

Ponder this with me…

Paul • April 25, 2024

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