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S.C. Public Radio and the College of Charleston Bring ‘Teachable Moments’

South Carolina Public Radio and the College of Charleston are proud to announce a partnership aimed at delivering concise, impactful insights tailored for both students and parents. The one-minute radio segment, Teachable Moments, is designed as a platform to address pressing educational issues dedicated to offering valuable perspectives to listeners beginning April 12, 2024.

From the prevalence of cellphones in classrooms to the intricacies of homework management, mental health awareness and combating childhood obesity, each episode of Teachable Moments shares a concise yet comprehensive exploration of pertinent issues. Listeners can expect an array of discussions, from practical tips for fostering academic success to insights on promoting holistic well-being. Through Teachable Moments, host Rénard Harris aims to bridge the gap between educators, parents and students, fostering a collaborative environment conducive to learning and growth. Read more on The College Today.

Erika LeGendre • April 17, 2024

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