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Since day one, the impact you make every day has been evident. We do so many good things, but it can sometimes be overwhelming. As many of you already know, AACSB introduced Standard 9, which specifically addresses how we, as a school, make a focused impact – together. It’s also a concept woven throughout the 2020 Standards.

Even the tagline on AACSB’s website speaks to societal impact:

We accredit the best business schools in the world. We are united to transform business education for positive societal impact.

Each and every way you contribute is appreciated, and we should recognize it. We must focus our efforts as a School on moving the needle together in two or three areas. We created a short survey to see what you are already doing to get this conversation moving forward. Uncovering the most extensive areas of effort will be the starting point for our discussions.

Please take a moment and share with us how you are making a societal impact through your teaching, research, and service: Societal Impact Survey

And, if you want to learn more about how societal impact fits in the ACCSB Standards, there’s an excellent AACSB white paper:
AACSB and Societal Impact| AACSB

Thank you for all you do!

YOU make a difference.

Ponder this with me …

Paul • March 14, 2024

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