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Happy CofC Day!

Today marks our fifth annual day of giving, CofC Day. This year, we are making sure we give back to our future. So, throw on your acid-washed jeans and take a moment to make a gift to the part of the business school that means the most to you.

In the last 18 hours, the School of Business has had over 50 donors raise more than $20K! We still have until 10. p.m. tonight (March 14).

Your gift of any size will ensure President Hsu and Coach Kelsey get back to 2024 in time to celebrate CofC Day and unlock the next VHS on their adventure.


Buono Challenge

Mark Buono ’81 and Judy Buono ’22 have offered a unique $50,000 challenge that will be unlocked at the 750-donor milestone. We thank Mark and Judy for their tremendous loyalty, generosity, and pride for the Cougar nation!

McLain School and Unit Competition

The School & Unit Competition is designed to create opportunities and incentives for our partners across campus to be involved during on CofC Day 2024. All gift awards will be made to the winning area’s Excellence Funds. A special thank you to Justin McLain ’98.

  • Most Donors – $15,000
  • Most Dollars Raised – $15,000
  • Highest Alumni Participation – $15,000
  • Honorable Merit – $5,000

Find more challenges on the CofC Day website.

Get Involved!

  • Make a gift.
  • Reach out to your alumni and external partner networks using resources on the CofC Day Hub encouraging them to help you celebrate CofC Day by making a gift.
  • Volunteer for texting.
  • Attend the Lowcountry CofC Day Party today from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. (Cistern Yard & George Street) or volunteer at the event.

Erika LeGendre • March 14, 2024

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