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New Publication Acceptance for John McGrath

Congratulations to John McGrath, Ph.D., instructor of marketing and management, on his recent article acceptance:

Measuring Resident Quality of Life in Appalachian Mountain Towns: A Case Study and Proposed Methodology
JM McGrath, S Glenn
Journal of Appalachian Studies 29 (1), 88-108


Quality of Life (QoL) for residents of a community is explored in the context of mountain towns in the Appalachian region of the United States. The literature on the dimensions that comprise community QoL is consulted along with a discussion of the methods and sources used by policymakers in Roanoke, Virginia, to measure QoL index. This method is then replicated and extended to illustrate how community leaders can benchmark their region’s performance, make comparisons with other similar towns, and use it as a tool to help market their community. The article adds value by sharing the Roanoke model with the academic and practitioner community for the first time and demonstrating how its methodology can be affordably and sustainably adapted for use in any small community, including the case study Appalachian mountain town of Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

Erika LeGendre • March 13, 2024

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