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Doing less, but doing it better

Last Friday, about 20 faculty and staff in the School of Business participated in a workshop series led by Dr. Karen Tarnoff from East Tennessee State University. The event was co-hosted by the School of Business and the Office of Assessment and Continuous Improvement (led by Dr. Gia Quesada).

We all concluded there’s a lot we could do better, and it would allos us to do less work. The group in attendance had “aha” moments regarding curriculum maps, shared grading rubrics, and our use of the ETS test for the final assessment.

As we wrap-up this assessment year, and move into next, be on the lookout for gameplanning around more streamlined activity.

The sessions were recorded. You can access the videos and other materials here:

  1. Type in your browser:
  2. Click on Academic Units
  3. Click on Training Portal
  4. Click on the recording of the unit you would like to watch, materials are in the middle column.

Carrie Messal • February 29, 2024

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