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Do What You Love

What a great event! Thanks to Hayden and the Student Success Team, the atrium was buzzing with students intentionally exploring and learning. This is a significant step in helping them identify and execute on a career that they love.

Since my first introduction to the School of Business, I’ve been impressed and a bit jealous of how well we intentionally help students explore these questions and how we help them find their unique purpose and fulfilling life. As we discuss our marketing/messaging/strategic plan, I ask a slightly different question.

How can we help you do what you love?

An academic career is different than any other. Within certain constraints, we get to craft how we spend our time. More research? Teaching? Service? What’s the right mix for you? Are we creating an environment that enables and recognizes your success? I think we have work to do, but we are building a culture that will allow our students to do what they love and you as well.

YOU make a difference!

Ponder with me …

Paul • February 15, 2024

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