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I’ve been pondering this post for the last few weeks. I left Sunday for an important meeting, but it didn’t turn out as planned. I was in Tempe for the New Start Summit as a 2024 P3•EDU Fellow earlier this week. I was excited to learn from thought leaders in the P3 (Public Private Partnership) space. P3 is a HUGE opportunity for us, and we will be leaders in this space. But, my plans were altered. Two calls from Christine later, and she was on her way to the hospital to get her appendix removed, and I was back on a plane to CHS.

But the week still taught me about partnerships – our most important ones. That of our colleagues. Carrie heard that Christine was in the hospital alone while I was returning, so she dropped in to provide encouragement and a cellphone charger. Melinda ran to our house to take out Remmy and Millie and then again later to feed them. Stacey began clearing my schedule and making adjustments. Colleagues across campus adjusted. As others found out, I received emails and texts. “What can I do?” was the question so many asked. And it was clear if we asked, they would answer.

We have great partners in the School and across the College. We don’t always see them or recognize them. So, while we work on our P3 model and leverage industry partners, let’s not forget that we already have an incredible partnership network that we rely on daily as we seek to become the best version of ourselves and continue to craft a business school unlike any other.

This week, it’s clear that we are better together.

YOU make a difference.

Ponder this with me…

Paul • February 8, 2024

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