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Accessing the SB After Hours – Door Opening Requests

We have a new procedure for accessing our spaces for events which occur outside of normal business hours – after 5 p.m. during the week and on the weekends.

Public Safety now has access to the Astra Schedule system and will use the information in the system to allow people to access space at the College. If your event/meeting is properly completed in Astra Schedule, you will not need to request access. This includes faculty, staff and student reservations.

NOTE: Doors will not be proactively unlocked due to security concerns, so when you arrive, you should call Public Safety Dispatch, 843-953-5609, and let them know you need the spaces unlocked. The person responsible for the event should be listed on the reservation as the contact person. You will need to tell Public Safety the name of the event and which spaces are involved. I am told the response time for Public Safety should be about 10 minutes; however, if all officers are involved with other duties or if there is an emergency on campus, it could take more time. When your event is over, please call Public Safety Dispatch to come secure the space. You do not need to wait for the officer.

There is also a new Temporary Access Form which should be used in other circumstances where a reservation in Astra Schedule is not appropriate. Please use this link for the Temporary Access Form: (If the access is needed for a student or a non-CofC person, the form must be submitted by a faculty or staff member on behalf of that person.) Use the same procedure for notifying Public Safety to open the space after arrival. They will need to know the request was submitted using the form and is not a reservation in Astra Schedule. Again, when you leave, please call Public Safety Dispatch to come secure the space. You do not need to wait for the officer.

Here are a few examples of when this Temporary Access Form should submitted:

• A vendor is coming after hours to work on something in a building

• A student or set of students need(s) access to several labs for the entirety of the semester and the building does not have new-style Cougar card access control

• A student needs one-time after-hours access to a lab to work on a project

• For whatever reason, the space needed to reserve isn’t in Astra Schedule

As you can see, this really means that Astra Schedule is the tool you want to use most of the time.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Patti Goff.

Erika LeGendre • January 24, 2024

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