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Spring 2023 Schedule

Last Friday, our academic departments submitted their Spring 2023 schedules for thorough review. In this collaborative effort, our Chairs and Deans are working together to create a Spring 2023 Schedule that caters to diverse student populations. This includes upperclassmen, working adults, athletes, and graduate students, all with unique scheduling needs.

Additionally, we consider various other factors to ensure a well-balanced and efficient schedule. These factors include maintaining the continuity of classes by scheduling back-to-back faculty sessions in the same classroom whenever possible, addressing faculty and occasionally student mobility constraints, and accommodating individual preferences. This holistic approach helps us balance teaching commitments and other essential activities harmoniously.

We would like to acknowledge and express our gratitude to our dedicated colleague, Patti Goff, who plays a pivotal role behind the scenes in coordinating and managing this intricate scheduling process. I cannot imagine anyone better able to craft a schedule with the care and attention she gives. If she asks for your help or feedback, be quick and kind. If you see a significant concern, communicate through your chair.

Go team.

Carrie Messal • September 21, 2023

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