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Astra Schedule: Our new room reservation system

**from Patti Goff **

We are very excited to have this new room scheduling tool. Please be sure to look at the instructions before making any requests.

I am currently in the process of moving the requests that have been made in Outlook to Astra Schedule. When I have completed that, I will ask you all to make sure I have captured your requests.

I know everyone will be very happy to be able to see calendars for most of the spaces on campus!

Let me know if you have questions.

Astra Schedule is now the official room scheduling and reservation application at CofC. The room request process won’t be very different from the end-user perspective. Just go to the Faculty/Staff Room Request page on the Registrar’s website and click on the Faculty/Staff Room Request link near the bottom or in MyPortal. From here, follow the easy instructions to request a room. NOTE: you may be required to log in before completing the form.

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You will be required to login to the Astra System before you can complete the Faculty/Staff Reservation form.

With the new system, you will receive an email confirmation when you complete the room request and another when your request is either approved or declined. Astra Schedule and the room schedulers will keep you up to date throughout the process.


The new Astra Schedule scheduling system will provide many new features and benefits but here are few key benefits for room schedulers:

· Provide real-time availability of events and academic spaces in one location.

· Provide room utilization information for both academic and non-academic spaces.

· Streamline the event scheduling process for students, faculty, and staff.

· And, from a security standpoint, allow the College to know what is happening on campus and during an emergency.

Erika LeGendre • June 26, 2023

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