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Request for Fulbright and Sponsored Programs Information

** from Rene Dentiste Mueller, PhD **

The GBRC would like to add a webpage that highlights recipients or sponsors of the Fulbright and other Sponsored Programs. I don’t think we have a comprehensive list of participants.

I know that we have had several faculty members participate in the Fulbright program as either a participant of sponsor. I also know that the SB has sponsored other faculty from non-Fulbright Sponsored Programs. Since I have been here, for example, I know that SB departments have sponsored faculty from China, Morocco, Turkey, Austria and N Macedonia but I don’t know the details. We would like to put this on the web-page and include it in our promotional materials.

If have participated or sponsored someone, could you please let me know:

  • the name of the Professor
  • the Program/Sponsor,
  • year of participation, and
  • sending/hosting country.

If you participated/sponsored someone in the Fulbright Program, could you identify the appropriate Fulbright Program?

US participant

  • Fulbright Scholar Program
  • Fulbright Specialist Program
  • European Scholar in Residence Program
  • International Education Administrator Seminar
  • US Student program (sent outside the US)

Non-US participant

  • Fulbright Visiting Scholar
  • Foreign Student program (to the US)

Erika LeGendre • June 6, 2023

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