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What’s Our Vision?

Imagine it’s 2030, and you are walking around our business school. How have you grown? How are you spending your time? How have we changed? What are we still doing? What have we stopped doing? What have we started doing?

You get the idea. Last week I addressed how we should think about values, vision, and mission with a focus on values. Values are at the heart of what we do. Vision is more about what we desire to be.

Currently, our vision is:

To be recognized as a premier business school that provides personalized, transformational and research-based experiences that stimulate a global mindset, inspire creativity and innovation, develop leadership skills, and instill ethics and integrity.

That statement says a lot. But does it say what you think it should? What do you think should be included, or not, in our vision statement? Share your thoughts in this one-question survey.

To be effective, a vision should be more than just a statement. It should be inspirational and empowering. That’s why I started by asking you to imagine what we will look like in 2030. Can you see it? Sense it? I have been building a “vision story” in my mind (I’ll write it and share it shortly) that envisions us being intensely learner-focused, with a continued strong undergraduate emphasis, relation-based graduate and executive programs, as well as a broad portfolio of continuing and professional education offerings. Our research and our service are making a significant targeted impact. All of this with a strong sense of place. And extensive partnerships with industry. I can see it vividly, and it all happens because of our great people.

You can hear more about my thoughts from the Inside the College of Charleston podcast.

I look forward to articulating a vision and making it happen – together.


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YOU make a difference.


Paul • March 30, 2023

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