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Fall 2023 Registration

Today, March 30th, is the second day of student registration for fall.

By the end of today, most of our seniors will be registered for classes.

Please be especially kind to our Department Chairs (Chen Chou, Dave Wyman, Bob Frash, Weishen Wang, Chris Mothorpe, and Robert Hogan) and our A-team (Alicia, Chris, Ingrid, Sabrina, and Syndia). Registration is always a busy time in their offices. There are requests for an override, unforeseen schedule conflicts, individual enrollments, and schedule changes. Be available for student requests for meetings, and help as best you can.

This spring, we saw near-record enrollments in the School of Business, with many of our classes at capacity. Be patient as we navigate solutions for fall to continue to navigate those hopefully high enrollments.

Go team!

Carrie Messal • March 30, 2023

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