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Faculty Feedback – Convocation and The College Reads

** From Christopher Korey, Associate Provost for Student Success **

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing on behalf of a faculty and staff committee that is examining how we introduce students to the academic life of the College through Convocation and The College Reads! Program. All academic schools are represented on this committee.

Each fall on the day before classes start, the College of Charleston holds a Convocation Event. The College Reads! common reading program has been a part of that event since 2002. Starting in 2011, faculty have met with students in small groups to discuss the themes of the book for 45 minutes prior to processing into the Cistern Yard. The small group conversations are framed as an introduction to our classroom academic experience.

A faculty committee examining our Convocation would appreciate your feedback through this short anonymous survey.

Please provide input even if you have not participated in past book discussion groups or attended Convocation. We would like broad campus feedback to help shape our recommendations for this important event.



On behalf of: Michael Duncan, Valerie Frazier, Beth Lloyd, Gary Marshall, Sarah Maness, Brumby McLeod, Bob Podolsky, Seth Pritchard, Lauren Ravalico, Elena Rodriguez

Erika LeGendre • February 27, 2023

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