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Midterm Stress Relief

From Rachael McNamara ’00, Director, Office of Student Wellness & Well-being

Please share with fellow faculty members and of course students:

Good afternoon, the Office of Student Wellness & Well-being is aware that midterm time is almost here. We wanted to promote healthy stress reduction techniques to help students perform their best during the exams. Would you share our 3 minute video in class before midterms?

Here is the youtube link to the video.

We also have a Stress Relief Playlist on youtube with some of our other videos and collected videos from others.

Students can also access our online wellness resources at our internal website. We will be sure to be covering stress management starting at the end of this week! Do you want to see our website content? Just request access. It is set up so that all students automatically see student information. We are still building our faculty and staff sections.

Upcoming Trainings

Narcan Training, 3/2/2023 at 3:15 pm

Students can find out more about these trainings as well as future dates on CougarConnect.CofC.Edu or on OSWW’s internal website.

Erika LeGendre • February 21, 2023

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