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AATSEEL List of Intensive Language Programs


ACTR Russian Heritage Speakers Summer Abroad

Specially designed program serves students who grew up speaking Russian at home or with family and wish to strengthen their language skills.

Advanced Critical Language Institute

4 or 6-week St. Petersburg summer abroad program offered through Stony Brook University

AIFS Study Abroad Program in St Petersburg

5-week summer program at St. Petersburg Polytechnic University open to students at all levels.

American Councils for International Education

Choice of 8-week study abroad programs in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladimir or Almaty, Kazakhstan. ACTR programs include:

ACTR offers a small number of merit-based and need-based scholarships. Additional funding may be obtained through the ACTR Outbound Scholarship Fund. Students who hold a Bachelors degree or higher are eligible to apply for the Title VIII Fellowships from the U.S. Department of State.

Arizona State University Critical Languages Institute

Offering intensive Russian summer abroad programs for students at all levels of study. The Melikian Center Awards Program may provide up to $3000 to academically superior CLI participants who apply for the scholarship.

Bard/Smolny Semester Programs in St Petersburg

Designed for students who have completed two years of college-level Russian or more (including heritage speakers), the Bard-Smolny Program in St. Petersburg offers a rich academic environment for students from North American colleges and universities who wish to study in Russia for a semester, summer, or full academic year. If you are looking for a challenging environment in which to pursue your academic studies while advancing your Russian language skills, we invite you to consider studying at Smolny College in St. Petersburg—Russia’s first liberal arts college. One of the advantages of this program is that students can study Russian language while also continuing their eduction by taking advantage of Smolny’s English-language literature, culture, mathematics, computer science and psychology courses.

Bard/Smolny Summer in St. Petersburg

4-week or 8-week Summer Language Intensive (SLI) abroad program at Smolny in St. Petersburg offered by Bard College.

CIEE Summer Abroad in St Petersburg

8-week program in St Petersburg offered by the Council on International Educational Exchange

The Critical Language Scholarship Program

Highly competitive scholarship offered by the US Department of State that fully sponsors 8-week summer abroad program in Kazan or Ufa, Russia.

East Carolina University St. Petersburg Summer Abroad

This program will provide students with a unique opportunity to spend four weeks in the beautiful, historic city of St. Petersburg, Russia while taking courses with faculty from St. Petersburg State University. St. Petersburg will serve as an ideal setting for taking courses. The program will pair the material students learn in “The Arts of Saint Petersburg” with excursions to the remarkable cultural offerings of the city, including the world-renowned Hermitage Museum, Russian Museum, the Marinsky Theater, Peterhoff Palace, and the Church of the Savior on Blood. The course on “Contemporary Russian Society and Politics” will be coordinated with excursions to the “Museum of the Political History of Russia” and the “Siege of Leningrad” tour. All students will also benefit greatly in their understanding of Russian culture through the immersion experience of living with Russian host families in St. Petersburg. The estimated cost of the program is $3,750.

Language & Culture Summer Program at St. Petersburg Higher School of Economics 

This summer study abroad program combines intensive Russian language coursework with cultural immersion and excursions in Saint Petersburg, Russia’s cultural capital. The program is open to students of all levels, including those with no Russian language skills. The program runs for six weeks and will be based at the Higher School of Economics, one of Russia’s most prestigious and top-rated universities. The program fee is $3,850. 

Middlebury Study Abroad

Middlebury is one of the most respected language teaching programs. It offers study abroad opportunities for students at all levels in three Russian cities: Moscow, Irkutsk and Yaroslavl. These programs feature maximum immersion in the language and culture. Students not only take Russian courses, but they are also encouraged to audit or take for credit courses in other subjects at the host universities. This program is a great opportunity for students who want to achieve maximum language proficiency.

Summer abroad in Moscow at the MSSES

The Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences (MSSES), also known as Shaninka, offers a summer course of study abroad for students of Russian language at the Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced levels, as well as for Heritage speakers. Internship opportunities are also available at a wide array of organizations in Moscow, including think tanks, newspapers, law firms, PR and IT companies, and NGOs. Tuition is $3450 for 8 weeks and dorm rooms are $300/month or homestays for $700/month.

SRAS Internships & Study Abroad

The School of Russian and Asian Studies offers language study abroad combined with internship programs for students of Russian. Students can focus on Translation, Business, NGO’s or Journalism.

SRAS offers a $5000 “Home and Abroad” Scholarship for students interested in a semester-long program.

SRAS Security & Society Study Abroad in Poland

Semester and summer programs available in Warsaw, Poland. The semester offering focuses on Security and Society in the Information Age. We examine current issues such cybersecurity, information warfare, and how new and social media are changing the face of modern democracies. The Summer School session takes a broad but intensive approach looking at traditional and contemporary security issues. These range from maintaining international partnerships to developing domestic criminal justice and healthy ecological, demographic, entrepreneurial, and civic environments. Both semester and summer sessions offer a look at a case-study of one of the worst security failures of modern history: the Holocaust. This program offers a wide range of internship opportunities in areas related to all of the fields of study offered. Knowledge of Polish language is not required.

Trans-Siberian Study Abroad Program from University of New Hampshire

A unique summer study abroad opportunity for all interested students to experience first-hand the vastness of Russia. Students travel with UNH faculty and study Russian language, culture, and history with stays in St. Petersburg, Moscow, and a trip across the country on the Trans-Siberian Railroad! Visits include cultural, historical, and political venues (including the Duma, Kremlin, Hermitage, WWII bunker, Gulag Museum, Tatar hat workshop, hiking around Lake Baikal, participate in traditional Russian folk wedding, Lenin’s house in Gorki, banya, Russo-Japanese war fortresses and bunkers in Vladivostok) with readings and discussion at each site. 4 Week and 8 Week Programs

University of Pittsburgh Summer Language Institute

10-week program, half of which is spent at Pittsburgh and half in Moscow. Open to students in 1-4th year of Russian Study. Scholarships available to cover tuition.

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