Minor in Russian Studies at CofC

Russian Studies Minor (revised 2016)

Credit Hours: 18

The Russian Studies Program is a multidisciplinary course of study combining the Russian language with courses related to Russian literature, culture, history, politics and business. The program is designed to provide students with the language skills, cultural exposure, and historical background needed to understand and interact with the over 280 million speakers of Russian in the world today.

 Six credit hours in Russian language selected from:

  • RUSS 201       Intermediate Russian I
  • RUSS 202       Intermediate Russian II
  • RUSS 313       Russian Conversation and Composition I
  • RUSS 314       Russian Conversation and Composition II

Core Courses: Three credit hours selected from:

  • LTRS 210       19th Century Russian Literature
  • LTRS 220       20th Century Russian Literature

Electives: Nine additional credit hours in Russian language, literature, film, history, politics or culture, with no more than 6 credit hours with the same acronym. Choose from the courses listed above and/or from:

  • HIST 247        Empire, Nation, Class in Eastern Europe
  • HIST 346        History of the Soviet Union
  • HIST 348        Everyday Communism
  • LTRS 110       Russian Folktales in Translation
  • LTRS 120       Window into Russia: The Major People, Events, and Influences of Russia’s Cultural History
  • LTRS 250       Russian Literature in Translation
  • LTRS 350       Russian Literature in Translation
  • LTRS 270       Studies in Russian Film
  • POLI 359        Special Topics *when applicable
  • RUSS 295       Russian for Mass Media
  • RUSS 330       Collateral Studies
  • RUSS 331       Business Russian
  • RUSS 390       Special Topics in Russian
  • RUSS 398       Independent Study
  • RUST 250       Vampires
  • RUST 300       Gender & Sexuality in Russian Culture
  • RUST 360       Special Topics in Russian Studies