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60+ Registration Information for Spring 2020

By Mary C. Bergstrom
Posted on 18 December 2019 | 5:10 pm

60+ Tuition Exemption Program Registration

Spring 2020

Beginning with the 2019 Fall Semester, admitted 60+ students have the ability to register themselves for courses before the first day of classes.  You can view the announcement from Provost McGee by clicking: 60+ Tuition Exemption Program Fall 2019 Update (PDF).  All College of Charleston students register online for courses according to their number of earned credit hours.  This now includes you.  Even if you have zero earned credit hours, your registration entry date will occur before the first week of classes.

This change in our registration process will require you to prepare for registration in a new way.  Students will need to become familiar with the online course registration process.  Below please find several resources designed to help you adequately prepare for admission and registration for the Spring 2020 60+ Tuition Exemption Program.  Students may also download a copy of this information by clicking 60+ Tuition Exemption Program Overview Guide (PDF).

When Can I Register?

Students register according to earned credit hours (EHRS) for an upcoming semester.  The Registration Entry Times for each semester are posted on the Office of the Registrar website:   Students can view earned credit hours on their unofficial transcript located in Self-Service Banner.

How Do I Register for Courses?

Student registration takes place online in MyCharleston ( on the Registration Tools channel of the Academic Services tab. Students use the Registration Tools channel to add classes, drop classes, withdraw from classes, view holds and more!  A quick guide for the registration process can be found by clicking Student Course Registration Quick Guide (PDF).  Additional resources are available on the Help & Training tab in MyCharleston.

  • Registration is on a space-available basis.  Only the professor and department offering a course can approve an override request for students to join a closed course or courses requiring pre-requisites or special permission. Students should contact the Department directly.
  • Students who wish to repeat a course must complete the Course Repeat Request Form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar by the drop/add deadline (
  • Graduate Courses:  Only students who have been accepted to the Graduate School as a degree or non-degree seeking student may register for graduate-level courses.
  • Additional guides on course registration can be found on the Help & Training tab in MyCharleston on the Office of the Registrar Student Resources channel.

Taking Courses for Credit or Audit

All course registrations default to credit, which means the course is being taken for a grade.

Students may audit a course after obtaining permission of the instructor on the Permission to Audit Form, which is available on the Registrar’s Office website.  Students must first register for a course and then submit the Permission to Audit Form to the Registrar’s Office no later than the last day of drop/add for the term in order to finalize their audit.  A student may only make a change to course grading status (graded or audit) prior to the last day of drop/add for the term.  A course audit will be recorded on a student’s transcript with the Status Indicator AU. No credit or quality points are earned.  Full tuition is charged for audited coursework (does not apply to 60+ students).

Not all courses offered by the College may be audited.  Departments and Programs may limit the number of audits per course section and may also designate courses that do not accept any auditors.  Students should consult with the appropriate Department or Program prior to seeking permission to audit a course.  Faculty determine the course requirements for auditing students (e.g. attendance, participation, submission of assignments, exams, etc.).

Course Registration Requirement

Students may attend a course only if they are officially registered in the course and appear on the instructor’s official course roster.  Faculty, Program Directors, and Department Chairs do not have the authority to permit students to attend a course for which they are not registered.  This requirement applies to students who intend to earn course credit and to students who intend to audit a course.


Students are responsible for meeting all deadlines posted by the Office of Admissions, Office of the Registrar and on the Academic Calendar.

Familiarize Yourself with College of Charleston Technology

Once admitted to the College of Charleston, students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the College’s technologies.  These include:

  • Student Portal MyCharleston (
  • Self Service Banner (located in MyCharleston)
  • Student learning management system (OAKS)
  • College of Charleston Cmail system.  Your College of Charleston email address will end with  College of Charleston business cannot be conducted via personal email addresses.

 Where Can I Find the Academic Catalog?

The academic catalog is an important resource for current and prospective students to review information on academic programs, policies, degree requirements, course descriptions, and more!  The College of Charleston academic catalogs can be found on the web page,  Use the drop-down menu in the upper right hand corner to select the undergraduate or graduate catalog.

Technology Assistance

  • Students who need assistance with their MyCharleston or email login or password should contact the IT Service Desk:  843.953-3375 or
  • Several helpful student information guides are located on the Help & Training tab in MyCharleston.

Maintain Active Student Status

Students are responsible for maintaining active status as a College of Charleston student.  If a student is not enrolled for one semester, they must contact the Office of Admissions to request reactivation in order to register for courses.  Students who are not enrolled for two semesters or more must reapply for admission to the College.  Summer enrollments are not considered in determining continuing enrollment status for the fall.

Where Do I Pay for My Courses and Fees?

  • Students can pay their bills at the Office of the Treasurer, located at 170 Calhoun Street.
  • Students may also pay their bill online through MyCharleston using these instructions:  Treasurer Payment Instructions
  • Student should review the Treasurer’s Office billing schedule and due dates to avoid being dropped from courses for non-payment.  The billing schedule can be found on this website:

Where Do I Purchase Textbooks?

Students can purchase books in the College of Charleston Barnes and Noble bookstore located at 160 Calhoun Street.  Students should consult the course syllabus or speak with the instructor prior to purchasing books.

This information is also available on the Office of the Registrar website:


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