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April 11, 2022 by haasepl

The film “And Tomorrow the Entire World” shows the two extreme sides of political views of Germans in society. The hardcore right winged and the opposing leftist movement are seen how they collide. This of course causes problems such as violence and hatred. All of these forms and quite a bit more can be seen in the film and showcase the scenes of political opinion in Germany. The main character of the film, Luisa displays the role of the leftist role and is against the right winged party. She is part of a group called P81, whose motto is to peacefully demonstrate against the rightest Germans. To cause attention and make a statement the group disobeys their motto and starts violent raids against the right group Liste 14. The two groups are displayed as arch enemies and this goes throughout the entire film. The scene above showcases Louisa’s hatred towards the Liste 14, aiming a loaded gun at the members of the group and playing with the thought of murdering them. The effect of speeding this scene up is to showcase the anger of Luisa, since speed correlates with anger very well. Not only does it showcase the feelings of Luisa but also the indifference of people in German society. The song of the background played by on of the members of the Liste 14 also plays a major role in this scene, as this showcases the views of the members.


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