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The Final Protest


April 11, 2022 by toccof

In this clip from the film, And Tomorrow the Entire World, supporters, friends, and members of the P81 group peacefully celebrate their members no longer being in jail. The police stop their social gathering and force them out of the P81 courtyard. By slowing down this clip, it emphasizes the thoughts and actions of Luisa as the police begin their raid. She is confused by the appearance of the police and quickly joins her friends in trying to resist them. It also emphasizes the actions leading up to the violence of the police. At first, they begin arresting those gathered aggressively but without the use of their weapons. Yet, after the man in the crowd throws the glass bottle at the police, they begin to utilize their shields and other objects to aid in their arrests. Lastly, it dramatizes the contrast with the scene’s prior. The P81 group is rejoicing within their courtyard privately, with no intention of protest. Suddenly, the police ambush them. This contrast appears throughout the film between the beginning of P81’s peaceful protests evolving to their crimes and violence against List 14. In this clip and the movie alike, the intentions of the P81 group were good. Yet many of their actions, much like the actions of the police in this clip, were unwarranted.


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