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The Chaotic Protest


April 11, 2022 by nicolpe

This scene of the violent protest against the List 14 organization uses multiple film techniques to portray the right emotion, thoughts, and feelings to the audience. Speeding up this scene adds to the audience’s experience, feeling the adrenaline and chaos the P 81 members felt. Point of View shots make the audience feel like they are in the midst of the violence and chaos. The camera shakes and falls close to the ground to be in the perspective of the members rather than simply observing. Since this scene is dark it is hard to tell specifically what is happening which adds to the feeling of chaos and builds onto the sense of danger. There are quick shots showing multiple things occurring at once. Making this scene quicker the audience is put into the mindset of the characters. The members are running off of adrenaline and hatred meaning this fight felt quick and over within a blink of an eye. With the scene sped up, it makes it hard for the audience to fully digest what all is happening, which is exactly how it would have felt to be in this scene. Even after the scene of the fight, we are put in the eyes of Luisa after she was injured. The camera fades in and out which reflects that she is not completely conscious and what is currently happening is a foggy and chaotic memory. Although the scene is chaotic and can be difficult to see what specifically is going on, the audience is still clearly able to take away the main points, even with it sped up. It is noticeable that it became aggressively violent and dangerous against the Fascist organization, the police intervened, and Luisa and others got injured.


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