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Slow-Motion Emphasizing Emotion


April 11, 2022 by muthag

The selected clip takes place at the very end of the film, And Tomorrow the Entire World, during the aftermath of the concert rally. The peaceful act of togetherness quickly turns aggressive as the police show up and become forceful. During this previous clip, a voiceover states that “all Germans have the right to resist anyone who seeks to abolish constitutional order.” The speed of the selected clip was slowed down, highlighting the importance of the actions and emotions. The selected clip begins with a close-up shot of a pair holding hands. We see the pair tighten their grip on one another. The slow motion intensifies the importance of this small act in showing their support of one another. This is important as it reflects how the group supports one another throughout the film. It then pans up to their distressed faces as the woman is resting her head on the man’s shoulder. We then see close up shots of Lenor, Alfa, Batte, and Luisa as they are witnessing the destruction and heartbreak that resulted from the violence. As they are looking around at the scene and at each other, they realize that constitutional order is at stake. As Luisa and Batte lock eyes, Batte gives a subtle nod. This signals her approval of a forward movement with their efforts to protect constitutional rights. The slow motion assists in bringing out the emotion more intensely. The viewer can analyze and take notice of each eye movement and deep breath. Even though these actions are small, they provide large insight into emotions. These tiny movements show displays of anger, sadness and vengeance. A slower pace ultimately allows for the viewer to see and understand the intensity of what the characters are feeling in this moment without the presence of dialogue.


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