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Life in the Fast Lane: The Power of Fast-Forward and Slow-Motion


April 11, 2022 by woodjm

For blog Ten, I finally decided to go outside of my comfort zone and pick a film that isn’t Herzog’s Lessons of Darkness. In fact, I ended up returning to Kuhle Wampe which we watched early on in the semester. I decided to utilize both a fast-forward and a slow-motion effect at various points during my selected sequence, the one in which the sun commits suicide. Combining these two editing techniques functions to streamline the sequence in such a way that the important aspects are given extra screen time while some of the more peripheral details are more or less glossed over. What I mean by this is that most of the shots within this sequence containing dialogue have been sped up. While one would assume that this would make the dialogue unintelligible the subtitles hang around long enough to allow the viewer to get the point.  On the other hand, any portion of the sequence centering around the struggle of finding work (Riding around on bikes all day) or the window has been slowed down. This creates a general sense of importance as more time is spent focusing on these portions of the sequence than any other individual part.


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