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April 11, 2022 by bittnerks

This clip is sped up to represent how fast moments of conflict can feel. The violent nature of the scene and the chaos of it made It ideal to be sped up. Alfa is stabbed by a bottle and struggles to get away. The Nazis who they jumped did not go without a fight and by stabbing Alfa it represents that the fight will continue. The cops arrive and the gang sets cars on fire to cover their escape. This scene demonstrates the violent measures both sides will commit to protect their ideology. A hyper fast fight scene coupled with the non diegetic sound make for a chaotic and an edge-of-your-seat experience, projecting the emotion and passion of both sides through physical combat. This particular scene shows that while dangerous, the fighting does not seem to be intended to kill or seriously injury anyone but rather send a message. The message here is clear. Alfa also seems to be out of place during the attack. She is stunned and does not fight. Alfa simply is watching until she gets attacked. This is a sign that she was not ready for physical altercation and maybe questioning the intent and legitimacy of the attack.


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