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Conflicts within Conflict


April 11, 2022 by kingsk

I chose to speed up this clip from “And Tomorrow the Entire World” to emphasize the urgency of escaping the police. Throughout the film the anti-facist group was constantly trying to rebel against the Nazi regime and they were also attempting to avoid punishment by the authorities. In this scene, Luisa and Alfa wake up to the unfamiliar sound of the authorities invading the house they live in with the anti-facist group. The quick transition from a peaceful sleep to a quick and stressful escape is capitalized by the shot of the curtains swaying in the house transitioning to Alfa and Luisa putting on their close and climbing out the window. The stress of the situation is also demonstrated by Luisa tying her shoes after she has already left the house. The couple peeks around the building to see the authorities detaining their friends. The couple quite literally turns away from the rest of the group to quickly walk away, escaping their own arrest. I see this as an emphasis to the divide in the anti-fascist group. The two people in the group who have been pleading that violence should be used are the two that do not get arrested for the acts of defiance the whole group has been apart of.



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